Art students use their Art portfolio to keep track on Art concepts they are learning about.  Students create works of Art for various contests.  Students use different media such as: crayons, map pencils, markers, water colors, construction paper and even recycled materials to create works of Art.

Here's what's coming up in Art class:

  1. 3-31Mother’s Day Foldable(Various Activities)
  2. 4-7 Create a poem for Foldable
  3. 4-14 Easter Art Project
  4. 4-21 Decorate M-Day Foldable cover with glitter & Art
  5. 4-28 Father’s Day Foldable and Poem
  6. 5-5 Decorate Father’s Day Foldable
  7. 5-12 Express CASE experiences on an Art Project